March 2013
After six years of hard work, our olive oil is now ready for sale in the UK. We hope you will like it as much as we do.

Our Olive Oil
Our Olive Oil is cultivated from olives grown in our own groves, then collected and sold by ourselves. Only the processing and bottling are managed by a professional co-operative. This ensures that you can be confident that you are buying from a single source supplier whose sole aim is to provide the best quality product on the market.

Artisanal Oil
This year's harvest has produced an extremely high quality Extra Virgin olive oil. With an very low acidity of 0.3%, which is well below the upper limit (0.8%) for Extra Virgin olive oil. All the olives were hand collected onto nets, ensuring they were pressed whilst in prime condition. The fresh green flavour with light peppery finish, derives from the three varieties of tree grow in our land, Morut (Moruda), Sevillianca and Farga and early harvesting of their olives.

High Quality, Low Volume
With 5,000 kilos of olives collected this autumn and a rendition of 10%, only 540 litres of extra virgin oil was produced. After filtration and bottling, we have 950 1/2litre bottles for sale this harvest. The sales at our launch week at the beginning of March were exceptional, with buyers returning for more bottles after their initial purchase.

We are bringing some more olive trees into production this year and next year, so we hope that in the future we will be able to produce up to 2,000 litres per year whilst maintaining the same quality.

Nurture Nature
Our olive groves were a derelict wilderness when we purchased the land and no pesticides or herbicides have been used on them for well over 15 years. The trees are fertilised using pig manure from local farms.
There are a number of beehives kept on the finca and the bees are constant sight and sound as they pollinate our trees and flowers. We do not plough the gound between the trees until after the end of the spring flowering, to ensure the bees can collect all the pollen they need.

At the moment, we have not applied for official organic status as our cooperative would also need certification. However we can assure you that the olives produced have only been touched by the rain, wind, bees and our own hands.


January 2014

Unfortunately, after a very promising start to 2013, we lost 99% of our olives to the cold May gales that tormented us last year. In three weeks we went from what looked like a record breaking blossom, to practically no tiny olives at all. This followed by a dry summer and autumn, giving the few olives left little chance to develop into something that would produce the quality of olive oil that we set out to produce.

So, no 2014 vintage this year.

There is a small amount of the 2013 vintage still to be shipped to our couriers, email us if you are interested in getting some.

Martin & Penelope Hale
Our Olive Oil
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